Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Positive for Just One More Day

I get plenty of opportunities to complain about all that's wrong with this country and society, etc. on this blog, but I'd like to just keep the positive feelings going for one more day.

I started my morning watching all the clips of the Obamas' inaugural evening - all their balls and dances and mini-speeches. And I have to say, outside of all the other great things about this man (and his family) moving into the White House, is the fact that he and his wife actually seem to like each other. Maybe even - Heaven forbid - love each other. All the times she'd lean in and whisper something in his ear, him laughing softly about it - that's what couples are supposed to do.

And, really - when was the last time you saw a presidential couple act like that? When was the last time the President and his wife looked like anything other than a marriage of convenience? Seriously?

And then the man does the bump on the dance floor . . . Do I really have to say anything else about that?

So, full of these positive little feelings about the new first family and what it symbolizes, I headed to school to start a new term. Due to the nature of our school (and the transience of our population), we get new students every term, and this one was no different.

So we're in my third period math class, doing class introductions, going over my classroom expectations and what-not, and I look over to one of the new students (a Somalian girl) sitting off to my left. She's furiously scribbling something on a piece of paper with a big grin on her face, and I can't help but wonder what she's up to.

And then she holds up her sign, with the most blissful and proud look on her face. The sign? It reads, "My President is BLACK!"

She sees me read it, and I look at her. We catch eyes, she gives me a big grin, and I couldn't help but laugh and smile a big-ass goofy smile.

This is a student that I just met this morning. One who came to my school because things weren't working out in her previous public school. Who had regular problems with her teachers, has plenty of reason to be angry and sad and distrustful. And we got to share this on her first day.

You'll be damn sure I'll never forget it, either.


uglyblackjohn said...

I was at a corner store in the 'hood yesterday.
On kid broke up a potential fight by saying;
"Aw man, we got a Black President"
The two kids looked at each other and walked away.
It's just seems odd at this time.
I hope it lasts.

ansel said...

Maybe she'd been listening to the local hip-hop station. I like this line from Jeezy... "Be all you be, now don't that sound like some dumb shit."

ansel said...

Eh while I'm at it, here's another Obama song I've been vibing to lately. Fits the message of the inaugural speech perfectly.

Lxy said...

There's just a minor little problem for the people caught up in Obama Mania.

Barack Obama and his rhetoric of change are complete political frauds.

Obama, King and Kennedy: Empire and the “End” of Racism

Barack Obama: The Empire’s New Clothes